The Allure of Rage

interior paint job
Let there be light

Sometimes you have so much rage and anger you can either go postal or somehow transform it into something else entirely.

florida lanai
the garden of Allah

Yesterday, I read a story about Nic Cave finding a way to finally letting go of his rage following the devastating death of his two sons.  This caught my attention:

“Sitting around in my own mess, pissed off at the world, disdainful of the people in it, and thinking my contempt for things somehow amounted to something [my italics], had some kind of nobility, hating this thing here, and that thing there, and that other thing over there, and making sure that everybody around me knew it, not just knew, but felt it too, contemptuous of beauty, contemptuous of joy, contemptuous of happiness in others, well, this whole attitude just felt, I don’t know, in the end, sort of dumb.”

benjamin moore
Despite its hefty price, Benjamn Moore’s Regal Select Chantilly Lace requires two coats for 100% coverage.  It is apparently one of only 2 colors in the BM palette that have this problem. Too bad the saleswoman did not mention that fact prior to my purchasimng 3 gallons of it..

This pretty much captures the false allure of misanthropy.

Sometimes, you just gotta find a way out of the canvas of bitterness — justifications, excuses, and evidence nonwithstanding  — and paint yourself a different picture of the world.

Let’s radically pivot.

How do you like the job I’m doing on the new house?

bathroom hallway
gonna replace this hall of mirrors with closet louvre doors

Not much time for self-indulgent silent rage and resentment episodes when you have to do the work of several painters by yourself in under a week.

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