Cardinal Sins


Seems to be squirrel proof

Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal came by a-pecking at my window yesterday morning and found me empty-handed.

Himself’s the one with the flamboyant red plumage; the missus of the species is more demure, its ombré feathers displaying a gradient tonality .

So I bought a bag of seed, and filled up the birdfeeder that’s at the edge of the forest by the house.

Really need to invest in a better cam


I’ve stored the seeds — which I purchased for 20 bucks at Home Depot — in a plastic garbage bag that I keep in a bottom drawer in the kitchen for safekeeping.


It would be a bad idea to keep this seed — which contains black oil sunflower, safflower seed, peanuts, striped sunflower, raisins and dried cherries — in the garage, as such a move would attract rodents there in no time at all.

Hope other types of forest-dwelling birds start coming around the funky bird feeder.

I can hear their calls in the forest, but other than woodpeckers, morning doves and the occasional mocking bird, have not yet seen them.

They prefer to remain unobserved:  just like me.

smiley with glasses


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