Getting In Shape at 71


SOP boarding on the Loxahatchee River
Fat me on my SUP

I became clincially obese with a BMI of 33 after being prescribed methimazole for 3 years following my Graves’ Disease diagnosis.

This horrible yet life saving drug made a lot of my hair fall out too.

After I had a thyroidectomy performed at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, my body had no natural metabolism — so I have to now take Synthroid every day for the rest of my life  — and I am now a whopping 60 lbs overweight.

Becoming porky was a shock to me, as I had a normal weight most of my adult life, and was actually thin before I turned 40.

I am now approaching 72.

If I do not lose  60 lbs, I am at a huge risk of a heart disease, a stroke, or contracting Type 2 diabetes.

My annual medicare blood test result last month was not good, according to my doctor.

I thought most of my results were fine, but the following results were flagged as too high by the lab test folks:

1) LDL Calculated 121 mg/dL

goal: under 100

2) hba1c 6.3

goal: below 5.7

3) Glucose 121 mg/dL

target: 99 or less

4) Mean Cell Hemoglobin 25.8 pg

target: over 27

The doctor seemed particularly unhappy about my cholesterol levels, even though my calculated LDL was near optimal. He prescribed statins.  I called him up, and said I will pass on statins at this time, but would immediately cut out all ice cream.

I also stated I want another test to confirm these results.

The doctor authorized me to take a Lipid Panel test.  I will be seeing him again in early April; I expect my results to improve, as I’ve now eliminated ice cream from my diet, add only fat free milk  to my coffee or tea, eat — in moderate quantities — only what’s healthy, and drink seltzer water like it’s going out of side, to wash away those killer cholesterol globules in my bloodstream.

I’ve lost 12 lbs in 2 weeks.

It helps that I live in Florida, where I can walk on the beach with my high-energy German Shep and bicycle around a lot during this time of year.  I have also started to lift weights — nothing too exciting, just 20 lbs curls right now… but I do them throughout the day.

I have read all the stuff that’s out there that seems relevant to my situation.

I am aware that I need to focus on flexibility, balance, endurance and strength in order to improve and preserve my quality of life.

This will probably require some combination of:

weight lifting
cardio exercises
Stand Up Paddling
resistance training
various stomach exerices to flatten my abs
HIIT to force the weight down
and of course continue with my diet plan

My goal is to lose 50 more lbs by October.

I really don’t want to get diabetes, have a stroke or get a heart attack.

Plus I want to look good again, for my age, of course.  😦

If I do lose all this weight, I will reward myself by having surgery to remove all the disgusting excess skin folds that I expect will start to hang off me, and I will also also take care of those unsightly spider veins on my legs, chest, and arms that are suddenly appearing all over my body.

Now I know why all the geezers walk around like maniacal dorks every day around here.

I guess I’ve finally become one too.

smiley with glasses


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