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Feasting on American democracy

Americans are suffering from a severe case of DOJ vu all over again.

Just like in 2016, there’s currently wall-to-wall coverage in the US of the trials (literally) and tribulations of the psychopath who again would be President.

(Of course the Judge could have just arraigned him on closed circuit TV.  That is how they serve up common crooks in FL, usually from prison.  But no, not our golden boy. )

Why is Big Media doing this?

Ratings, obviously.

And why do people feel compelled to watch?

There are many theories.

Some say it enables Americans to forget their guilt.

Guilt over the Original Sin of slaughtering Native Americans and stealing their land.

Guilt over the Second Sin of enslaving an entire race of people from a different continent.

Guilt over the Third Sin of pursuing a malevolent foreign policy that has funded endless wars that have claimed the lives of countless innocent men, women and children around the world since the 1950s (see Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Occupied Palestine, et al).

Guilt over —- Ah…. shaddup.

That’s all poppycock.

They do it, ace, because… it’s fun!

Trump is fun!

Biden is boring!

DeSantis is boring!

Trump is fun!

Meanwhile, every day around the world the world leaders of countries that despise us lift their glasses and cheer.

Viva Trump!

The Fun Guy.

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One thought on “The Fun Guy

  1. Very thoughtful and I agree that ratings are a driving force for most all media.

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