Daraga Oula (درجة اولى)

gsd in front of florida villa
My dog posing in front of our new house

Here is the latest news.

There has been significant progress regarding the sale of my house in New York, but there are still two outstanding items, both involving certificates of occupancy.

The town of Yonkers has to issue one for the emergency generator that is in the yard; and the buyers of the house have to agree to accept $1,500 as an allowance for there not being one for the central AC unit inside the house.

florida road
The road to my house

An inspector came on Monday and took a look at the outside generator.  There were no problems; it is just a matter of waiting for the paperwork to be processed.  The Yonkers Building Department is apparently notoriously slow in issuing these crucial documents.  With a closing date set for early May, I hope they don’t tarry much longer.

palm tree
My stunning Bismarckia Nobilis

I did email the Yonkers Building department about scheduling an inspection for the AC unit.  Did not hear back from them, though — which is why I am offering the $1,500 to the buyers.  It is very costly to maintain a house in Westchester, NY — a thousand miles and seven states away from where I lve.  I want this huge expense off the books as soon as possible.

german sheppie
My beauty girl, sitting in the driveway

All this waiting around has completely stressed me out.  But there is nothing I can do about it except wait it out, and get ready to go up to NY in less than two weeks — hopefully to empty out the house there in preparation for the closing.  I also have a newish Subaru with very low mileage that I a plan to sell to Carvana up in NY.

florida preserve
my back yard

Other than that, I am just hanging in there — enjoying my new house in Florida, which is on a cul-de-sac in an upscale gated HOA .  Daraga oula means first class in Arabic, which is how I feel about this house.

florida lanai
my back porch

It is big enough for my wife and I, and relatively isolated — despite being only 3 miles away from the Atlantic ocean.  There are very few people around.  I enjoy the relative lack of human noise.  Soon it will be even quieter, as the snowbirds are starting to fly away.

Good riddance.

Can’t wait for the place to empty out.

smiley with glasses


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