desert rose
The desert rose in bloom in front  of a house we own in Florida

Our prolonged NY real estate or-deal finally worked out.  And just like that, the Desert Rose in front of our house in Fla bloomed.

Closing is being set for early May.

The experience of selling a house in a buyer’s market was rather stressful.

My wife and I are going to NY next week to empty out the place.

When we return, I will fix up the Desert Rose house and put that one on the market next.  Luckily it is a seller’s market here, so we should do fine.

With the sale of these two properties comes financial flexibility. I had way too much of our net worth tied up in real estate.

Florida has no state income tax,  and I expect this summer — following some predictable Republican assholean brinksmanship — to set up a liquid, diversified, dividend-income producing investment portfolio that should carry us through the years ahead, when combined with scheduled IRA withdrawals and SS payments, all without shredding principal.

You never know when you might need escape velocity.

Still much work to do.

But things are looking up.

The bloom is deffo not off the rose.


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