Deep Water House

This is how my dog and I spent the day today.

When the snowbies have vamoosed, it is heaven.

You just have to not get caught up in the right wing undertow vibe.

I don’t think it would so easy anywhere in Europe to just get in my automatic shift SUV that is big enough to comfortably accomodate both my 6’3″ frame and my 80lb GSD and just drive for 15 minutes to get to a beautiful, uncrowded spot with easy free parking and gorgeous water views.

Notice there are no hills to climb.

If all you wanted to do in life is kick back, have a nice cold one or two, and let the world solve its own problems, well, there ain’t many better places than Florida.

Still life, we natives and transplants call it.

It’s a deep chill state of mind.


leaving america


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