Judgement Day

My expression here — when I was still in my early teens — was from a time when I already did not suffer fools gladly and made no attempt to disguise it.  Or maybe I was just constipated before taking the national Edadiyya exam.

This was also the beginning of my so-called “movie-star” (not my words!)  looks period… which lasted maybe 10 years.

Ten years from now, I will probably be dead, if not sooner.

Eh, oui.

It will likely go fast.

And everything in my head will turn into meaningless ash.

A sobering thought.

Being dead.

No one at the funeral.

No one really giving a shit.


Ah, time to walk the dog and get cracking with my pre-NY visit  To Do list.

Dark thoughts serve little useful purpose.

Even if it is all meaningless, there is joy to be had in doing things worth doing.


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