The Last Goodbye

driveway flowers
April 2023 – The flowers in our NY driveway are in bloom (pic courtesy of a neighbor)

In three days, my wife and I will be up to NY to empty out our house there before the closing, which is scheduled for mid May.

We both grew up in the area; my wife’s a true New Yorker: she was born within a mile of where this pic was taken.

Bittersweet goodbyes.

We will be up there for two weeks.

I hope we’re going to be able to visit some of our favorites NYC places during what is shaping up as a very busy period in Westchester.

So long, New York, and especially so long Manhattan, where we spent the best years of our lives.

You were great.

But now it’s over.

Lots of works up ahead.

Once the closing is over with, I will have to turn my attention to fixing and putting on the market the house that was our permanent address in Florida since 2001.

Though fixing that place will be expensive and a pain to deal with, I don’t expect selling it will be anywhere near as stressful or prolonged as the Westchester one.

Lots of people from up north are coming down to FL, where it is still seller’s market.

But all that’s en avant.

Right now is the time to remain laser-focused on getting the Westchester house ready for the upcoming walk through.

Ony after the closing takes place can we move on.


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