our dog is doing great at the farm in florida and we are grinding through all the to dos involved with emptying out a two-story house, with a basement, of all furniture, prior to the closing in less than two weeks’ time.
car battery was dead from the long ny winter when we arrived; that is now fixed.
con ed is tearing up the street outside, so the days are not quiet.
i dont mind, but having to do all this with a torn mcl and dealing with a house that sits on top of a hill is bitch when your knee is seriously injured
taking the car for a wash this morning and will contact Carvana on Monday to formally initiate the sale
if that falls thhrough i can probably sell it to bronxville motors who replacedvthe subaru’s dead battery for me
knee really throbbing as i type this
no matter
even tho the weather in ny will suck until the day we leave…
i have to get through the next 13 days, collect the money from selling the house and car, before finally returning to my beauty girl in Florida who is probably not going to want to leave the farm where she is having a blast running around with horses and sheep
here is what my wife are dealing with
we have to fill pack dozens of large boxes like this before wed, when the junk haulers take away the loose stuff
then on friday the heavy duty furniture movers arrive and by then we will have to live for 5 days in a house without furniture and no car and have to eat out all the time, with me nursing a bum knee



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