as my baby girl keeps having a ball down on the farm in fla, my wife and I are boxing up my late Mum’s belongings.

we are talking about finery and junk accumulated over 35 years, stuff that you cant even give away here to charity in Westchester, NY.  i had to harden my heart, going through my late Mum’s things, tossing out almost eveything she once held so dear.  it is going to cost me thousands to have these boxes and the furniture carted off next week.

it does not help that i have a badly torn MCL on my right knee.  sometimes the pain is excrutiating due having to climb up the really steep stairs in this house.

outside, the weather is crappy. it shall remain cold and rainy until we leave, 13 days from now. it is May already, almost, and it feels and looks like October. at least the Con Ed workers wont be making a racket, now that the weekend is here.

our progress has been slow but we’re getting there. i would say we are 35 per cent done, maybe more. the bulky loose stuff is gradually disappearing into these large moving boxes i had dropped off by Home Depot. i had to pay a hundred bucks for these boxes. money well spent, as i could not have managed clearing out the house without them.

ive saved the best till last.

We sold the car!

Carvana is picking it up a week from Tuesday.

That’s one less thing to worry about.


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