No Mercy

poochie had a ball again today at the farm in fla

It has been raining mercilessly since we got to NY.
Today is the day I set out to tackle the disgusting, unholy mess in the basement.
So I went down there to deal with it, and found a minor trickle coming in under the basement door from all this fucking rain.
Plugged it up with Viva and commenced working amidst the cobwebs, spiders, and mouse droppings.
When I finished, the basement looked like this.
Junkluggers are coming on Wednesday and they will get rid of this shit, plus the boxes upstairs.
It will still be raining.
I don’t care.
Tomorrow and Tuesday are reserved for doing the top floor, and getting a AAA battery for the heating system thermostat.
I dont care if my knee is throbbing from a torn MCL.
I don’t care if there is a freak week long storm in NY during the exact time when I am getting the house ready for a closing.
Whatever happens, I will deal with it.
No mercy.

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