Jumping Through Hoops

gsd jumping
poochie is having too much fun back at the farm

Yesterday I completed the first of the four major milestones for this NY trip: my late Mum’s junk is now out of the house.

This was a lot of work, made harder by my bad knee.

Today, my wife and I will pass by our lawyer’s office in Scarsdale to sign the closing documents.

Then tomorrow movers will come by, and by noon the house be empty — but for our clothes and a few things we are taking back with us to Florida.

On Tuesday, Carvana will arrive to pick up the Subaru, then on Thursday, the fourth and final milestone is scheduled to take place: the house will officially be sold, and the long slog of jumping through dozens of hoops will be over.

For now.

After resting up for a week at our house in Fla, I will start focusing on fixing up and selling another property we own there.

I am hoping to be able to put that one on the market by early August.

Still a long way to go before I can kick back and enjoy life in our tropical hideaway, but we’re slowly getting there.


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