I have lost 27 lbs since Feb

even with my bad knee, i still feel great

for the first time in years, i recognize the person staring back at me in the mirror

it is I

one of the handsomest motherfuckers to come from Egypt ever (or so I say, in my more moronic moments)

but looks mean nothing

except when they do

i am going to be 72 this summer

and in Pelham NY a few weeks ago, the barber who finally gave me a real haircut said I looked like I was in my 50s

i am distancing myself from the Portugal Silver Coast idea

I am Mediterranean by nature

i grew up in Cairo and Alex

and being by that beautiful sea is where i want to spend my last days


like here, maybe

or Northen Cyprus

on verra


after all, I am also part Turkish


so time spent in Istanbul, Cyprus, and Sardinia, ending up with a stay in a villa in La Marsa Tunis does not seem like a terrible idea el sannadi

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