No, no ozempic!

bathroom scale

I’ve been under 250 lbs since publishing this post about 3 weeks ago.

Only lost about 1lb in 3 weeks, but am maintaining the weight loss while eating and drinking normally.  I went on a fast for 3 days last weekend, and soon hovered in the low 240s, but what is the point of that?

You usually get it right back, at least I do, if I crash fast.

Went to the doc yesterday, to check out what I thought was a torn ligament in my right knee.

The good news I just have some slight arthritis there (I am, after all, 71), and moving out that furniture from my late mum’s house made it kind seems like I tore my MCL, but x-rays revealed that was not the case.  The doc gave me a shot of hydrocortisone, and my knee immediately felt better.

I am seeing my regular doctor next week, the one who this past Feb wanted to put me on statins when I weighed around 275 — only two and a half months ago, when I went in for my annual checkup.

I declined the statins and said I will prove to him that I can lower my cholesterol count on my own without drugs.

He relented, and said okay prove it.

So far so good.

There are a lot of benefits to losing 25 lbs, but I need to take it down to 235 lbs to go from obese to merely overweight.

Since I seem to be losing 8lbs a month, I should hit 235 lbs by the end of June.  I know it is to going to get harder to shed pounds from  here on in, so I am going to have to start on my exercise program.  That is the suggestion of the doctor who gave me the steroid shot.

I have a comprehensive range of types of exercises that I intend to start doing — which I will discuss in future posts.  I might even start posting before and after shots to show the progress I am making.  But it is premature to do that right now.

It was a big deal selling the house in NY.

But now I have to fix and sell another one this summer in Florida.

So things are going to start getting pretty busy next week, again, but for now I am enjoying being lighter on my feet and being able to fit in pants that are several sizes smaller that I could manage just earlier this year.

Being fat destroys your self image.

I don’t for one minute buy the crap in these TV commercials that portray fat people dancing around with glee.

Being fat is not a happy thing.

Being fat is more like a killer thing, a sure ticket to early death, after having one’s self confidence destroyed at the shock of seeing how much one has changed over the years.

I consider myself extremely lucky that I have managed to lose 25 lbs or so with resorting to Ozempic and its ilk.

But now I am going to have to get serious.

I have to do the one thing I truly hate to do, which is exercise — which is not easy to do when you hit your 70s.

Yet exercising is the only way I am going to get to my ultimate goal of getting down to around 190 or so — which at the moment seems like a very distant goal.

But I have a feeling I am going to get there.

Maybe I won’t, but I am cautiously optimistic, as the phrase goes.

No, no ozempic!


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