where is everybody

Where did everyone go?

This informal, often satirical blog Is about a “naturalized” American who has decided to leave America in September 2017 for an open-ended, indeterminate rihla.

Rihla usually signifies a long journey in Arabic, although the adjective tawila can  be used to make the duration of the trip more apparent.

Overall, you should expect that my blog will consist mainly of lucubrations that may be tiresome and most likely of only passing interest to anyone who is not a survivor of the great Arab diaspora, or who is not a Liberal.

Often the opinions expressed will lampoon various blowhards that you might come across in real life, or on the Internet. So before you start getting all upset about something, make sure that what you’re reading is not a satirical post.

I can hear you asking: fine, but what are lucubrations?

Funny you should ask.



This quote is from a footnote in Anthony Pollock’s Gender and the Fictions of the Public Sphere,1690-1755.

I have no idea who or what this “Lucinda” might be. But the truth is, these posts are not really lucubrations at all.



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