Hard water is a big problem in the Algarve.

Hard water means high in minerals.

Not only will hard water taste funny, or have a strange color, but it can make washing clothes or taking showers difficult, as soap or shampoo and hard water do not mix well.

In addition, be careful of the water in the Ria Formosa lagoon.

If you live near Olhão, you can get very ill from the massive amounts of untreated raw sewage that are dumped directly in the lagoon.

Always brush your teeth and drink bottled water in Portugal.

Here is a selection of the major brands that vary in ph levels and minerality.

Frize – sparkling mineral water
Luso — supposedly a curative mineral water
Pedras — carbonated mineral water very pure
Vidago — bubbly mineral water
Vitalis — mineral water
Monchique — high ph

I will post an addendum to this page as soon as I know what is available in Tavira in terms of bottled water, and in what sizes, what it tastes like, and how much it costs….


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