Nice Carnival 1972


nice carnival
I was hired to lead a horse along Place Massena during this particular carnival. Earned 35 New Francs, or USD 7, at the exchange rate at the time, for an evening’s work — which I promptly spent on drinking formidables (enormous glasses of bière pression) on Rue de France, amidst the chatty local poules of the era who used to line up in their thigh-high red boots.


The allure of the past can cripple the future.


bashi bazouk
19th Century Egyptian cicerone

The Shape of Things to Come

outdoor sculpture
My wife took this pic of a sculpture outside someone’s home not far from the area where we live

Weather continues to be lovely here in Florida.

I am increasingly focused on my programming.

Currently I am working on an animated SVG logo.  If you don’t know what I mean, click on the TECH menu option above this post.

Bad news from NY:  my mother is not doing that well — very sad, but unfortunately part of life — of becoming very old.

It is difficult to deal with from a distance, but I am calling her every day in the hospital, and hope to see her in a few weeks — after I get my second COVID shot.

I’m getting the feeling that this year that things may suddenly and without notice be quite different going forward.

Meanwhile, I continue to get physically healthier — as I go on increasingly vigorous walks with the dog.

Yet I remain suspended in time, waiting, trying to remain calm over worries re my mother’s severely declining health, while sensing a change afoot.

The FLA era may be coming to some inevitable conclusion.


leaving america

Getting animated

propeller head
Do you talk geek?

I’m getting rather bored writing about my dog and how Florida sucks or how the world is going to hell or how Delta 8 is so great (it isn’t).

Now that I’m finally getting my COVID shots, I can turn my attention to less self-indulgent pursuits.

If perchance you, too, have any propeller head tendencies, that is to say, an obsessive interest in how, say, browsers work, and in particular, how to program complex SVG animations, you might enjoy reading my other blog.  Just click on the Tech option in the menu above.

You might also want to go to CodePen to read and play around with the actual code that demos my latest series of tech posts:  which is the only way to understand how stuff like this works.


leaving america