Geeva is a Puppy

Last night, Geeva (Geneva, our 10-week-old GSD puppy) spent the night with me in the "studio." This is the spare bedroom where I keep my desktop comp, books, clothes, and important papers. Geeva had been sleeping in a crate in the Master Bedroom (MB) all last week, but after a series of leg maulings, my … Continue reading Geeva is a Puppy

Geeva vs the mighty Atlantic I took Geeva (Geneva, our German Shep Puppy) to the beach today.  First time she has seen the ocean.  She was a huge hit.  Everyone admired her, and she saw tons of dogs running around off leashes, dudes on motorcycles, seagulls, beach runners, couples with kids, fishermen, all swirling around her.  As always, she … Continue reading Geeva vs the mighty Atlantic