Here the early morning update with everything you need to know about Geeva today. She had a good night in the studio with me.  Part of the time in the crate; most of the time not. Two walks: one @ 1; the other around 4.  Geeva did her double whammy on the back porch as … Continue reading Apeirogon

Geeva vs the mighty Atlantic

https://vimeo.com/391862782 I took Geeva (Geneva, our German Shep Puppy) to the beach today.  First time she has seen the ocean.  She was a huge hit.  Everyone admired her, and she saw tons of dogs running around off leashes, dudes on motorcycles, seagulls, beach runners, couples with kids, fishermen, all swirling around her.  As always, she … Continue reading Geeva vs the mighty Atlantic