News Flash…. the pain abates!

dell computer
Check out here how loaded this baby is

After ordering a new, loaded desktop (see above) to replace the one that HP Pavilion piece of crap that just died, I slept and in fact slept well last night, after taking the gummies.

Probably just a placebo effect, but today is the start of my week with no pain medication at all. It’s my decision.  I feel I can move a lot better than last Monday, when my wife had to drive me to the ER.

The pain spasms have pretty much gone, but there is still some residual arthritis pain that shall melt away when the sun days warms up.  This is why I live in Florida; the sun shines almost year round, something my aching 69-year old knees appreciate to no end.

By the way, I have lost 5 lbs in the last week.  Only 70 more to go!

To kickstart this latest weight loss program, bicycle riding resumes today.  The nice thing, again, about Florida is that the terrain is flat, and where I live — in a lilly-white gated community, I’m ashamed to say — has miles of empty streets with little or no traffic.

I took my dead Pavilion over the weekend to Office Depot to have my data transferred to a flash drive.  My new comp arrives on Monday the 8th.  That give me a week to do so mind expanding studying up, before the Dell arrives, and I resume working on an ambitious software project that has occupied my time since this past Fall.

If I can manage to balance physical vs mental activity throughout the day and not spend hour after hour hunched over my new comp, I should be able to remain sane until I get the Johnson and Johnson shot.

Are These D8 Gummies A Scam?



Dropped a Fullsend gummy about an hour ago, to see if they would help my back pain.

These two cuties cost me $60, and later I noticed that nowhere on the package is D8 mentioned.

This product may contain THC traces, then again, maybe not, as I don’t feel a thing.

What a jip! *

Rolled by the FLA sales clerk out in the Palm Beach boonies.

I might try these next, to see if  you can get a legal buzz from these so-called Delta-8 brands…

delta 8

Update: I called back to ask the clerk if this product contains D8.  Boy did his original story change!  60 bucks, folks. Down the drain.