Geeva vs the mighty Atlantic I took Geeva (Geneva, our German Shep Puppy) to the beach today.  First time she has seen the ocean.  She was a huge hit.  Everyone admired her, and she saw tons of dogs running around off leashes, dudes on motorcycles, seagulls, beach runners, couples with kids, fishermen, all swirling around her.  As always, she … Continue reading Geeva vs the mighty Atlantic

Does Geneva like Bernie, Mayor Pete or Amy?

An important thing to realize when you have a German Shepherd puppy is that initially they know nothing. They are puppies. Everything you show them is new to them. You sort of assume they have your mental picture of things, but they don't. It's easy to forget.  You might think:  if I think this about … Continue reading Does Geneva like Bernie, Mayor Pete or Amy?

Letting Go in 2020 It's the second of January 2020, which means half the world has finally recovered from the New Year's Eve hangover, and is looking into that dreaded full-body mirror. Ugh.  Is that really me? Ah, repentant Jan Detox is at the door, again... so full of ambition and crazy if not barely still realizable hopes! … Continue reading Letting Go in 2020