Time Thief

sheikh jackson

Florida: unless you’re old, don’t even think of living here, for it’s a ruthless time thief, and will steal away your days without mercy.

About a month from now, I shall be on the shores of the Red Sea, where I will be living for the next six months or more.

An exciting new film festival is being inaugurated during my first week back in Gouna.

I’d hoped to finish off a modest summer bucket reading list, and perhaps even continue to work on a novel.
No such luck.
The amount of unexpected things I’ve had to take care of, lately, has been staggering.

The moral of the story is this:  if you really want to produce a book, you need to clear the decks, and let nothing, nothing I say, interfere with your creative process, for just like that, it might all slip away from you like an ephemeral desert breeze.

Here’s a peek preview of a passage from the work-in-progress where The Hero watches old Egyptian movies on television in a ratty room on a rooftop in downtown Cairo.

Funny, but when I wrote this section a few months ago, I had no idea that the premiere of a major film festival was going to be held in my expat cocoon.

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