Falso Gouna Strikes Again

If you want to know why I could not stand El Gouna and its ridiculous film festival, when I lived there for 7 months, it was the Sadat-spawn “upper classes” with their “pseudo American accents” ” and “married to old rich guy vibe” and their “pretend I know US and European cultural trends” endless bullshit — here is more of Indjy’s (one of the presenters in the previous vid) interstitially-bilingual word salad….(to quote: “I cant believe I made it, anna, begad, fil Gouna… .”)

and if you understand Arabic, there is nothing more pathetic to a true Egyptian than listening to her mouth emote Arabish garbola, accentuated by those monumental eyebrows

FALSO, ya bit

free yourself!

Why are these people so ashamed of being who they are?

Why must they pretend, always, to be someone else?  Pretend to be someone who actually knows, say, America, when they actually have no idea what the US is about, both the good and bad of it?

And all they do, to try to impress themselves, their friends, their parents, and the ones who pay them money, is how phony-baloney  American they can sound when they attempt to speak English, which is little more than some bastard linguistic mix, same as when their grandparents, camel drivers by the Pyramids no doubt, carried on by aping the sounds of 7 different languages when they saw a tourist, any tourist, they weren’t picky, but understanding not a word in any real sense other than mongrel speak– just words in the wind of endless, centuries-old Egyptian dragoman servility.

That certainly is one view.

There are others! Many! Sunny and positive, not bitter and cynical! Check this out!

gof shirt
My golf shirt drying off in the sun at a rented villa in Gouna 3 or so years ago

But who — I ask, for this is the burning question of the moment — is going to protect its fly-and-mosquito desert golf course, its schlock restaurants that serve barely edible similar looking and tasting food (most of it some limp version of spaghetti bolognese, no matter the venue), its bars that serve undrinkable, pseudo alcoholic cocktails… when there’s no more Nile water and political Islam in Egypt makes its anticipated comeback in a nation dying of thirst, as the rich continue to mindlessly frolic in pretend America?

Stay tuned for the adventures of Sisi in Ethiopia!

leaving america



My back is (almost) back!

florida beach
a stretch of beach near my house….

Great progress today.

I was able to take poochie to the beach.  She loved it, and is now sleeping contentedly on the couch beside me as I type this post.

A week ago Monday, I was in the ER, unable to sit up straight or walk due to back pain.

ER doc prescribed me a cocktail of pain killers (trammies plus OTC Tylenol and script ibuprofen) and anti inflammatory steroids (prednisone) that actually worked — though I am still experiencing variable discomfort on my lower right rib cage.

Some opium based nasal spray would have been nice, too, at the height of the screaming in bloody agony pain  — but… no such luck.

Been off the Tramadol for days now, but still am taking (reduced) doses of Tylenol , ibuprofen and prednisone – once or twice a day, as needed.

I take the muscle relaxer (Cyclobenzaprine) at night, and that helps me sleep all the way through till dawn.

3 chi

In a few days, I should be getting a Delta 8 THC delivery via Fedex from 3 Chi.

I hope this works better than the CDB gummies I purchased on Sunday from a local head shop.

Scam product — do not buy this crap — contains NICOTINE!!!

What a waste of 60 dollars that was.

It would be nice to soon be free of all remaining discomfort, and maybe slip into a nice relaxed state of mind so I can start my Yoga with Adrienne for back pain exercises.

If this encouraging progress continues, I’ll be taking my paddle board out the intercoastal soon enough — can’t wait for all the snowbies to leave already, and walk or swim on empty beaches again.

Easy does it, though.  I was unable to walk without my homemade Shillelagh only a week ago or so!

My new Dell arrives in a couple of days.  Once I set that up, I was will be able to plunge back into my programming hobby project.

What else?

I am no longer following the cable news political shows on MSNBC or CNN.  My blood pressure thanks me for that.

Instead, I read books from my rather arcane personal library or watch foreign movies on Amazon prime when I just want to chill out and vegetate in the is-ness of it all.

Last night I watched this French one.

school of life movie
They spoke standard 1930s French, so I understood the dialog without subtitles!

I absolutely loved it!

So life is good, there’s money in the bank, and my wife does not hate me this week.

Who could ask for anything more?


شعب متنيل

Great song.  Lyrics here.

Maryam Saleh is a fox.  Not this one.

This one.

Way underground.

Forget Om Kalthoum. She’s just a throwaway line in a Broadway musical now.

Drink arak and listen to Arab underground music, and sigh like you aren’t listening to the music of a doomed country.

After all, there’s still Andalusia.

Maybe you should start a Portuguese band called The Moriscos.

Underground music, underground politics, everywhere you look the Chinese are trying to put up golf courses while the mountains burn.

Look at what happened last week in Egypt and as if it’s all been decided.

Everyone must be either be hanged or live in The Scorpion, says some Egyptian judge, as the tourist bureau banners and headlines scream:

Tourism is up!

El Gouna movie festival!

No, we have no dead Brits today!

Don’t mention the body parts being sold on the raseef, the disintegrating pavements of Cairo.

Don’t read Raseef22 — it’s not suitable for the siyah, the tourists.

I want to meet Maryam Saleh.

Where is she?

In some bookstore in Tavira reading this, or this, or even this?

I want to ask her:  how do you support the rights of those who would never give you any?

And why does everyone want to kill everyone else?

I grimace.

It’s Monday morning and I have shit to do before leaving for Portugal.

My chromebook is synced up to a speaker that’s playing El Gouna radio in the background.

Why doesn’t this station ever stop playing safe feel good touristy music and instead blast tunes from Lekhfa?

It wouldn’t solve anything, but it would be a start.

Wake up the fat Germans and smug Brits and their fancy real estate deals and see for once what is actually going with the mitnayileen — this does not mean people of the Nile, but it could, if you were in a joking mood — who serve them their barely chilled Sakara Golds.

It doesn’t matter.

New Arab music and fiction writing is exploding.

What a great time to be alive!

Unless you’re rotting in some Sisi jail.


leaving america