This is it: the end of my stay in New York.

Tomorrow I fly back to Florida, having accomplished everything I set out to do on this trip.

El hamdu lillah.

This is also the final post of this 5-year-old blog.

A lot of what this trip has been about is letting go of anything and anyone that’s negative in my life.

This barely-read blog falls under that category.

Seems rather pointless to continue doing something — in this case, writing about the more serious things in life — that resonates with no-one, apparently.

So be it.

In a few months’ time, the URL “” will be up for renewal; I’m going to let it lapse… and this sad liitle blog shall slip further into oblivion, as if all the things I wrote about and cared for and tried to explain did not matter to anyone but myself.

Ma’lesh; or should I say: tuz?

Time to let this brave little blog rest in the vast graveyard of unread blogs, and focus on doing other, far more productive things with my life.

I’ll leave you with this: never let others get in the way of feeling positive about yourself, and getting the most out of life. They matter not one bit.

Do not resent or envy anyone, for in the final analysis, the one you might make, say, in your deathbed, they are supremely inconsequential.

Be okay with the reality that, after all is said and done, what most people care about is what affects them directly. You can return the favor, of course; in fact, it’s expected.

Do not ever be naive about anything. As the saying goes, if you want a friend, or better yet, unconditional love, get a dog.

Finally, always remember that most will not think twice about stepping over you or stabbing you in the back — should they deem it in their interest to do so — for that is often the way of all flesh.