Losing weight is no joke.

Being obese — as I was in September 2017 — can lead to major health problems, including diabetes and heart attacks.

But on a lighter note, there’s now a way is a way for you to participate in a weight loss campaign, without actually having to lose the poundage yourself, by freeing all those poor glutens now trapped in their frozen prisons.

It’s called Free the Glutens, which was inspired by a Tom Waits segment on one of David Letterman’s final Tonight shows in 2015. See this post for more details on the campaign.

Stay tuned for more exciting details, as this campaign unfolds!

Progress Report

My current weight in lbs (as of today)


Starting Weight (September 2017)


Goal Weight


Total Contributions to the Free the Glutens Campaign


Total Donations to the Celiac Foundation


Goal Amount


Thanks to my generous contributors…

Eric C.

Free the glutens!

This campaign is part tongue-in-cheek, as it were, and part serious business: for being grossly overweight (as I was), or having Celiac disease, is no laughing matter. All proceeds from this campaign will go to the Celiac foundation. Please note that I will not be shipping you a package of gluten-free brown rice following your donation!


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