Here are the steps needed to obtain Portuguese Residency, if you have a UK/EU passport.

(If you are a US citizen, additional steps are needed, such as asking the FBI to check you out and issue a form stating you are not on their Most Wanted List.)

At the time of writing, Brexit may happen on March 29th, 2019.

Since there is yet to be a final agreement, Brexit may be delayed or even cancelled, should there be another referendum where Remainers prevail.

1. EU citizens who remain in Portugal for longer than 90 days have to formalise their right of residence by registering at their local Camâra (town hall) within the following 30 days.

A Certificate of Residency is valid for five years and the cost is €15.

You should apply for a residency permit – known as the Autorização de Residência – within 30 days, after 3 months have gone by since you arrived in Portugal and had customs stamp your UK/EU passport at the airport.

The town hall in TAVIRA is here:

Municipal Council of Tavira
City Hall
Praça da República 1
+351 281 320 500

2. While waiting for the 3 months to elapse, get a temporary NIF card.

You can get a permanent one after you get your Certificate of Residency.

To obtain this temporary NIF you will need:

— copies of your Passport (just in case) and the passport itself
— Copy of rental agreement in Tavira
— 2 passport sized pictures (just in case!)

You will get a permanent NIF when you get your Tax Card (cost Euro 6.80)

Where to apply:

Tavira Tax Office
Government Office
4 8801-, R. Amália Rodrigues 3
+351 281 320 720

The benefits of having a NIF are as follows:

— buying and selling property in Portugal
— opening a bank account in Portugal
— obtaining any kind of credit in Portugal, including getting a mortgage or taking out a mobile phone contract
— paying taxes in Portugal (if necessary)
— setting up utilities or internet in Portugal
— buying a car

3. When applying for a Autorização de Residência, bring the following

— a valid identity document – (this will your
passport, as well as copies)

— proof of address known as the Atestado de Residência.***

— fill out a form that has a declaration of oath that you have sufficient financial resources* for yourself and your family members.

Here is what you must write by hand in the form given to you:

“Eu declaro que tenho meios suficientes para que eu e a minha família a viver em Portugal sem necessidade de pedir ajuda ao Estado Português.”

— make a photocopy of a bank account in the US that has a substantial balance

— make a copy of Social Security payument that get deposited into your checking or other bank account.

Currently, because of the agreement Portugal has with the UK there is no need for UK citizens to have a private health insurance policy but be
aware that this may change after Brexit.

*** To get this form you first need to go to your
local Junta de Freguesia – or Parish Council office.
In Tavira this is here:

União das Freguesias de Tavira (Santa Maria e
Santiago) – freguesia de Tavira
Tavira, Portugal
+351 281 322 452

Take with you:

— Photocopy of Passport
— Photocopy of temporary Fiscal number (NIF)
— apartment rental agreement.