6 Home-based Easy Mode
Exercise for Moobs

Remember, a diet that leads to gradual
overall fat loss is key

Time required to complete:

20- 30 mins
4 times a week (Sunday/Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday)


Manduka Welcome yoga mat
2 5 lb barbells
2 20 lb barbells
1 30 lb barbell (for triceps)
Narrow solid wood living room table

First 4:
(no weights)

Put mat on floor

10 ballistic push ups x 3 reps
Start first using knees
After a week or two, using normal push up stance

1 mn jump in place (guaranteed to get your heart rate up!)
Increase as your cardio improves

Lateral hands walk plank 30 seconds x 3

20 Incline/elevated pushups using kitchen sink
Increase reps as you get stronger
Transition to living room table
Transition to normal push-ups once you can do 30 x 3 reps

Last 2:
(w/ weights)

Put yoga mat on table
Warm up with stretch your muscles with the 5 lbs barbell

5-10 Dumbbell Fly w/ 20 lb barbells
Lie down on your back on living room table
Do this slowly
Increase reps as you get stronger

5-10 Standing Fly reps w/ 20 lbs barbells
Maintain form
Do slowly
Hold dumbbells together for 1 sec when they come together in front of your chest
Increase reps as you get stronger

Free the glutens!

This campaign is part tongue-in-cheek, as it were, and part serious business: for being grossly overweight (as I was), or having Celiac disease, is no laughing matter. All proceeds from this campaign will go to the Celiac foundation. Please note that I will not be shipping you a package of gluten-free brown rice following your donation!


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