I’m getting shot on Tuesday


A friend of my wife’s was kind enough to register me to get a COVID vaccine shot.

This will be in St Lucie county — not too far away from where we live.

Sometimes things do work out, despite all seeming indications to the contrary.

I hope my wife, who is younger than I by 5 years, will also be able to get hers soon!

Yes, we have no vaccines today… again


For the second time this week, Publix in FL has cancelled its vaccine inoculation program due to inclement weather in distant states.

No word on when FLA Covid vaccines will resume for the little people, although governor DeSantis continues to mak sure his rich (white) pals are getting theirs.

Palm Beach Sunrise

florida sunrise

This is what sunrise looks like around where I live.

It isn’t difficult — as Texas is gripped by a deadly Feb snowmaggedon — to figure out why boomers are flocking to Florida, or why I moved down here full-time 20 yeas ago, when I was still in my 40s, and housing was dirt cheap.

Hard to beat the view in beaches that are this empty, relative to, say, Europe, during the height of the tourist season, in a place where everyone speaks English and you don’t have to worry about the dollar tanking.

It helps assuage the national tragedy of a certain talk radio host joining the choir invisible this week.