Trekking with Geeva

Geneva will turn 3 months old on Friday (March 6, 2020).  She is rapidly becoming extremely athletic. Still bitey, so she has to be out of the house by 7am-ish for a 2 hour walk.  I often take her to the area I call Sugar Beach. This is part of a really big nature preserve that developers have been trying to destroy for years. Geeva gets her final shots (including rabies) on Thursday; after that, we will explore the various trails more thoroughly. Today an osprey lingered above us for several minutes.  It was eyeballing Geneva, so I made sure she sat safely between my legs. Lots of things can happen in a wild nature preserve. Encounters with wild boar and bobcats for example. And stingrays swim right to the edge of the water.

really annoying how the weedkiller they dump on the grass in our HOA is literally burning her nose



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