The Saddest Year

Today is the last day of the Gregorian calendar.  The holiday blues will soon be over. This morning, I clicked through the front page stories of the newspapers that I read online:  The NY Times, The NY Post (mainly for the coverage by Costello of the Jets), the Daily News (for the coverage by Manish … Continue reading The Saddest Year

My name is not Mister

Stunningly beautiful day today in El Gouna; there's whitecaps in the Red Sea: the cool North breeze is blowing away all the skeeters and flies. So I decided to go to West Golf one last time to see Sandy the cat at the villa where I spent the last three months. Met the pool guy … Continue reading My name is not Mister


“[We] made several trial diggings [...], but we found nothing worth carrying away.” E. A. Wallis Budge, noted British Egyptologist and philologist   Sometimes, it takes 50 years to understand what happened when you were 15. The wind has completely died down today in Gouna, Egypt. Because it is Sunday morning, many people have already … Continue reading Ouvrage