Arab Spring Tin Anniversary

tahrir square
this is how Tahrir Square looked, when I attended the Lycee Bab el Louk in 1965, steps away from this iconic midan

10 years ago today, Tahir Square was overrun by Egyptians wishing an end to the occupation of the country by its own deeply corrupt army.

Hopes ran high.

Then middle class liberals and young idealists and leftist revolutionaries let themselves be outfoxed at the ballot box by the bearded ones.

Soon thereafter, another tin pot dictator took over, dwarfish in both stature and vision, and is now President for life.

So much for the Arab Spring.

In Florida where I currently reside, Americans “welcomed” back — this past weekend, over Mar-a-Lago no less — our own short-fingered, would-be tin pot fascist this way.

Too bad the same sort of thing can’t happen over Cairene skies.

Then again, you would probably not see it due to the permanent blanket of yellow smog that now envelops this once great capital.