America Deserves This

deep hate
Deep Hate in Deep River. The redacted words are probably “nigger” and “spics” or some other vile, racist combination.

Has America reached a Minsky Moment?

Is the country too full of angry psychos who hate everything and everyone but what they perceive as their own kind?

Is the long grift — from the white settler colonial project that defined early America to the current definition of the United States as an inherently violent, deranged White Supremacist Christian theocracy that still seeks the dominate the globe via imperial subversion — finally over?

Will America, at long last, collapse under the weight of its 400-year-old appalling history?

Beats me.

All I can tell you is that I will, again, be at my lovely, empty-ish beach today, where I will walk for miles by a relatively clean ocean and try to get high speed pictures of my beloved pelagic birds.

In early July, I will be going to NY, with a later stop in Deep River CT, to scope out a place I first became interested in the late 90s.

Following this, I doubt my wife will be moving there any time soon. We are already booked at the Gris, though, so will go anyway to try to find something in Yankee territory that has not been polluted by the pervasive stench of Trumpism.

America’s obsession with guns and motorcycles and violence and black people and
“Mexicans” and Muslims and Lordy Lord knows what else is unlikely to go away in what remains of my lifetime.

Everyone knows the country is kept docile and stupid by the vise like grip of ruthless grifters — not just Trump and his crew, but the whole class of mega rich bloodsuckers, who finance the amoral pols, who in turn peddle a toxic mix of so-called religion, country, race and AR-15s, as vote bait to a vast cohort of credulous, emasculated rubes.

Money and power.

Religion and guns.

Hatred and domination.

And of course, the environment be damned.

America reserves the power to kill you, or, de minimis, ruin your life, if you so much as disagree with its Master Race narrative, if what you say or do credibly threatens in any way America’s self-appointed “superpower” status in world affairs.

It only respects those who can defend themselves and will not grovel before it.

This, for example, is the fundamental nature of its obsession with Iran — that and the fact that America is led by the nose by Israel and its sympathizers.  To be clear, sympathizers of an equally odious colonial project, usurpers like Amreeka of land where few wanted them.

I will be booking in mid September season a 10-day visit that we shall split between Viana do Castelo and Caldas da Rainha and few other points in between — while staying clear of Porto.

If that goes well, then the plan to apply for residency in Schengen territory — where I had the right to live until Brexit — is back in play, as insurance against what I think is the gathering Brown Shirt storm that I reckon is likely to take place by November 2024 — whether Trump or the pig DeSantis is elected Prez.

It looks like a hopeless case for Dems to put up anyone who can win against either of them, and heaven help us if Biden decides to run again.

I no longer have the time left to hope that America will transcend its ugly history and become a civilized country.  When you are facing the final turn of your life, you don’t want go down the last stretch in the company of vulgar cretins.

I have just about the means to leave, should I choose to.

But today, I will bide my time and merely walk a nearby beach.

This will help me continue to get physically stronger and mentally healthier and prepared for the next chapter of my surprisingly long life.*

Today that beach is in Florida.

By next year, I may be on the other side of the Atlantic, looking back with pity at a country that could have been great, but blew its chance by surrendering to its worst instincts.

And for that, America absolutely deserves everything that it is about to inflict on itself.

*Anyone who drinks the way I did usually checks out fairly early

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