How I lost 23 lbs in 6 weeks

Abathroom scale

And they said it couldn’t be done.

Around the end of Feb, I went for my annual checkup.  Weighed in at 273 lbs.  Doc ordered a blood test, and said I had to go on statins.  I said no.  I am going to drop 45 lbs instead by May.

He said no way; I said yes way:  just watch me.

So I cut out most sugars, moderated my portions, lifted weights, and upped my dog walking.

Now I weigh 250 lbs — a loss of 23 lbs in 6 weeks, which the Internet weight loss gurus say should take twelve.

What do they know about what I am capable of?

One important factor in my weight loss strategy is to try to eliminate all sources of stress.  Stress  causes weight gain.  No stress equals weight loss.

It is easy to get rid of certain stressors:  for example, I no longer follow political news or watch political talk shows on TV.

Switching off the TV is easy; so is putting on ignore all and any assholes I meet randomly in my daily travels.

If someone annoys me because of some fuckface behavior, I just walk away.

I don’t try to de-escalate or reason or understand them.  I just have my asswipe detector on at all times.  At the first sign of assholeishness, I turn around, and without saying a word or responding to any further assholeishness, simply walk away.

Now avoiding all sources of stress is nigh impossible to achieve completely, but I am doing what I can in terms of modulating my reaction to the pervasive assholeishness of the universe.

For example, I am in the process of selling my house up in NY.  This is a buyer’s market, so the lawyer representing the buyers is being an asshole.

ice cream
This is poison

Instead of hitting the Häagen-Dazs and piling on the saturated fat and cholesterol, I do some curls, take the dog for an extra long walk, go for a bike ride, go to the beach, or work on fixing up my new house.

No obessing obsessing about things you can’t control; this makes one fat.

No compulsive internauting; this makes one even fatter.

Stuffing myself with ice cream — it used to be alcohol, back in the day when I drank prodigiously and remained thin as a rail since I was young and rarely ate anything — or pasta or cheese or cashews has been my go-to reaction to stress for the last decade or so; unlearning that behavior is much harder than it seems.

But it can be done.

My next goal is to lost another 15 lbs by the end of June, or thereabouts, putting me at 235.  This would take me out of the obese category; I would then be merely overweight.

Being fat is horrible.

Being fat is everything I never was, for most of my life anyway.

And being fat is no longer going to be part of my future, something that is going to happen without any gimmicky drugs, fad diets, or ridiculous levels of exercise.

I just have to want it badly enough, and realize that thinking about things like this

islamic festival
Wish I could go

Instead of things like this

maga supporters
A bunch of ridiculous fuckface fatsos

is the way to go.

Can’t wait to go up to NY in two weeks.  Walking up and down the hill to my house there will make me lose even more weight .

That is all that matters to me right now, because nothing really matters if you suddenly drop dead from being old and fat.

The truth is, the assholeishness of this world is mere bagatelle, a distraction, and unworthy of any serious attention.

Losing 80 lbs in a year— my ultimate goal — is very hard.

But it can be done.

Can’t wait, though I must.

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