This morning I watched this. If your eyes tear up when hearing it, you are Egyptian. If you understand it, but nothing happens, 'yekhreib beitak. Lyrics are below, in Arabic. حاسس بتوتر والامن مش مستبب قلبي بيدق بسرعة دب دب يا تري دخلت في "باد تريب" ولا البلد دي قلبت سرك السقف الانبهار فيها فرتك … Continue reading Arabitch

Moon over Gouna

The Zouz is here! After 3 ½ month apart, my wife (Zouz is my nickname for her) and I are finally together again in Gouna. We last saw each other at Nice airport in mid September. Then she returned to Kanafeh Land, that is to say, the only country in the world where its president’s … Continue reading Moon over Gouna