Moon over America


My wife just sent me a pic of the moon rising over our house in Florida.  Nice view, but it looks so provincial compared to the vaster vistas I have become used to here in Gouna. The moon rising over Abu Tig last night was absolutely majestic, as the million dollar yachts bobbed serenely in the marina.

Speaking of the moon, the shiv-wieding lunatic known as “Hannity” seems particularly unhinged today, some rubbish about how the FBI is conspiring to bring down America — and this after only a 30 second sample of FOX news, the apologista network for the colossal national blunder that is the presidency of gasbag Drumpf, which my sicko gun–porn-loving geezer neighbors in Florida are behind miya fel miya.


Not to be Captain Obvious or anything, but I am NOT looking forward to returning to this mad part of a once great country, now run by an incompetent old fool, not at all, the very idea of living amidst right wing, “fucking paranoid schizophrenic” (hail to The Mooch!) geezers even if only for a few months, makes me want to vomit. Personally, I think Rupert Murdoch’s US citizenshit should be revoked for all the harm he has done to the United States, but then again, free speech is free speech, even if he’s just a cro-mag Outback turdball, who probably despises the United States, a cockroach who’s done more to foment the malignant hatred of Liberal Democracy than anyone else in the West, and has been up to scurrilous mischief his entire venomous, bald existence.

Vote in November to end this blundering reality show vulgar nightmare, and throw the flight deck pig out in 2020, unless double cheeseburgers get him first. Or maybe he’ll end up in jail, along with his scissor-faced son-in-law and Bibi (who should be banned from coming to the US, as he will again do next week), with a picture of Hilary in his cell, like what clueless Bush II did to Saddam, the frat boy being yet another illegitimate Republican POTUS in this young century.

On a more local level, they’re tearing up the entire Downtown area in Gouna. Something to do with electricity, but this has to be the most dumb ass decision ever, as Downtown has been rendered impassable with the main street that links the two parts of the area now all dug up. This is the height of the tourist season. Stupid is as stupid does.

Ibni where the wind blows doesn’t matter much to me.

And that’s the way it is here in Gouna, Egypt, on March 2nd, 2018.


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