Redrum Chester

Drove around hilly Chester today. OMG. The vibe was kind of a combination of Deliverance and The Shining. I can’t imagine what on earth we would do with ourselves here, particularly when it got cold and the roads icy.

Bottom line verdict: Essex Village is the only real nice area, but far too rich for our blood, as the prices for “correct” homes have spun out of line since the start of Covid, driven up by rich folks with money to burn.

If Caldos turns out to be a bust also, in late September, then all is not lost.

We still will have a nice house in Westchester to escape to when Florida becomes too overbearing

Plus my writing project is based on historical Manhattan as a locale, thus promixity to the NYPL as a research resource is invaluable.

After tomorrow, I doubt that I’ll ever set foot in the nutmeg state again.

There’s no time to lose any more.