Since yesterday afternoon, many in the US and elsewhere are trying to figure out who wrote the instantly notorious “I am Part of the Resistance” NY Times Op Ed piece.

Is he or she a cabinet member, a low-level nobody, an ingrate in the Justice Department, or someone made up entirely by what Trumpists, such as the one shown in the illo, might describe as the “failing Hebrew newspaper.”

Already they are trying to apply amateur or professional forensic linguistics to out the little boy who dared say what we all know:  that America is being “led” by a reality TV grifter who is completely off his rocker.

This changes nothing in my plans to leave the United States, again, a week from Monday.

Even if Trump and the Koch Brothers and the whole network of vicious assassins of democracy in America were to be rounded up and imprisoned, we would still be left with the unassailable fact that almost half of America — mostly older white folks — supported Trump and his racist agenda.

If you are a Liberal, you don’t need sophisticated idiolects to figure out that if you live anywhere in America outside NY, Washington, LA, Boston, Chicago, Austin, LA, SF, Seattle, and parts of Colorado and Oregon, that you most likely are surrounded by blithering know-nothing idiots with whom you have nothing in common.

Forgive me for being so crude;  but I happen to have studied linguistics at the doctoral level in a leading East Coast university, and I’m still paying off the tuition.

Based on my expert knowledge, I can now reveal that I know the Manchurian identity of the Op Ed piece.

I have 100% confidence in my data, which consists of TOP SECRET ideograms, which are basically NASA-intercepted Chinese government spy telegrams, that I have decoded and applied comparative syntax analysis with this traitorous Op Ed piece.

Here’s the secret that y’all are looking for:


You can thank me later.

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