New D8 Shipment Today


d8This arrived today via Fedex. Fido had to inspect it.

Here’s the shipment unboxed.


I won’t try the tincture or gummies till this evening.

Want to continue having a productive day.

I’ve already walked 5 miles, and ridden my bicycle another 5, back and forth from the auto repair shop, where I went to have my front brake pads replaced. Kaching.

This D8 stuff is good to have on the side, as a palliative if my back pain or RA act up. But it does make your legs heavy.

So, it can remain in the box until needed.

More 3Chi Weirdness



so they took my cc order for 80 bucks

ran it thru my checking acct — i must have typed in the wrong card

got an immediate email confirmation

but, tho the order was placed 3 days ago

no shipping yet

why does it take them so long?  —

especially when my previous order was fulfilled fast



3CHI shipped the order on Tuesday 3-16 via FedEx.  So no worries or need to fret.  Package went out after only 2 business days.