What a Racquet!

tennis racquet

My wife’s new Wilson Clash Britto racquet arrived via UPS yesterday; just in time for her weekly tennis séance on Monday with her pro.

It’s almost too beautiful to play!

Despite it being gorgeous out, I spent a lot of the day yesterday figuring out the best and most economical way to transfer 6000 pics from my wife’s old Galaxy S8+ to her new iPhone.

There is no fast, straightforward way to do this, due to various limitations on upload speeds to the cloud, capacity issues with iCloud, Google Drive, as well as the whole USB Type-A Type-C thing you have to deal with on an iPhone.

I sat far away on Sunday from the T-Mobile sales clerk when they set up her new accounts on T-Mobile and Apple, and I was not happy with some of the screwy things that were done.

But it is her phone, and I did not want to interfere — as if the phone were mine (though I paid for it!).

At any rate, yesterday I had to spend a lot of time moving files around.  I did fill up 92 % if her 15GB free Google Drive with as many pics as I could (I partitioned them by year in different folders) and also put some in the measly 5GB of storage that Apple gives you for free on its iCloud platform.

But I still have about 17GB left on  the SD memory card (which I could not just stick it in the iPhone) that needs to be in a place my wife can access, other than on my own computer — which has 1 TB of storage; but I don’t like being interrupted when I am programming for requests such as… do you mind if I find that pic?….it’ll only take a second.

So my solution is going to purchase a high capacity (maybe 200GB) dual USB type A / B stick, which my wife can use to access her 2019-2020 photos (the remaining 17GB that she cannot get to from her iPhone), as well as transfer files when her phone fills up.  Nice and simple solution, and no monthly fees.

I was looking over the iPhone, while doing all this.  Gorgeous phone, but I can’t believe you cannot log off Goggle Drive or Gmail:  you literally have to uninstall these apps in order to log off.  Weird.

Pretty sure down the road my wife will let me have some fun using her iPhone to take snaps of Poochie, but for now, I have had enough of playing Help Desk for my wife.

I am eager to start programming Kilma, a simple app idea that I am going to develop as a learning exercise to improve my grasp of JS and SVG.  Should be able to put together something nice in a few days, then throw it up on CodePen next week.

Lastly, one last word about the Delta 8 Gummies I talked about in the previous post.

What happened after a few hours… after ingesting a single gummy…. is that I got the munchies, then felt so relaxed that I suddenly felt compelled to nap at 6PM and did not awake till 9 that evening.

It was a deep, extremely relaxing nap — and I woke up feeling calm and refreshed.

I am going to reorder the gummies, as I said earlier, but also maybe the tincture to see if a drop of that in my tea adds a little something in terms of dealing with the aches and pains of being almost 70.

Speaking of tea, I have a giant rosermary bush that grows in a pot in my garden.  I planted it a year ago, and now it is huge and thriving.

I just discovered that you can make rosemary herbal tea (just cut off a sprig, and place it in boiling water).  Apparently this tisane is quite relaxing, and reduces anxiety.

I’ll write about that experience in a future post.

3CHI Gummies Review

3 CHI Gummies
I only bought 1 packet as a trial

Like wow, man, yesterday I bought my wife a new iPhone12 Pro Max in an all cash deal at T-Mobile, and today the Delta 8 Gummies arrived.  She loves it, and that makes me happy.  Here’s a pic she took with the phone of the Christmas Palm that grew tall outside our house, after her late brother planted it there a whiles back.

xmas oalkm
Look at the amazing clarity of the 12 Pro Max camera

Anyway, about the gummies.

The last few days, I have been a lot more active than when I was laid up for a few days.  After abating from the medication cocktail the ER doc prescribed, the back pain from last week, returned — but nothing like before.

Since my doctor didn’t prescribe more than 12 Tramadol tablets, I bought the Delta 8 gummies as insurance. Verdict: Very pleasant, mild feeling of relaxation and contentment.

Within 30 minutes, the discomfort on my right side was gone.

An hour later, still feeling it.  No sense of being out of control, or having any kind of high like being stoned on hash, say. It just leaves you feeling mellow.

I am not even pissed that, once again, I was unable to secure a COVID 19 vaccine appt this morning via the Publix web site.

Lastly, the watermelon flavored gummy was delicious! I am definitely going to buy more products from this company.

I wonder… maybe if I took two, the world would start to look like this at night.

Stuart, FL
Downtown Stuart FL, in front of the Lyric Theater. Photo taken in early Jan using the same model iPhone by the T-Mobile rep who sold us a 12 Pro Max yesterday.


Falling into place

a screenshot of the design space of XVG, the app I’m building

Last 2 weeks, my back gave, as did my comp — oddly enough, both desktop and the display died at the same time. I’ve gabbed enough about my back problems in prior posts, so no more of that. Beata Maria Virgo Perdolens begone:  the zounds of the flesh are now mostly in the past — though I am looking forward to being in receipt of the Delta 8 package sometime like soon, man, and transport myself to some entirely higher plane of consciousness.

I set up my new comp yesterday in the monk’s cell / study where I generally lurk. It’s a Dell XPS 8940 with an i5 processor, Intel UHD Graphics 630 card with shared graphics memory, 16 GB of RAM and 1TB HDD storage capacity.

The monitor is a brand new 27″ HP QHP 27mq with IPS and QHD. I think Quad HD makes sense, given the scaling issues that come up, still, with 4K monitors.

This new display has 4 times the resolution of the one that just died, so I am a happy camper. But I predict I’ll be tempted to get a UHD at some point in the coming year as a second display.

So for those of you who are curious to know, here is what my study / hermit’s cell looks like these days. Indeed, this is THE VERY PLACE where I write this blog, think, sleep, code, meditate, and watch movies or TV when not otherwise busy — as well as practice endless mental tahlees.

One of two bookcases in this hermit’s cell
desktop and desktop monitor
My desk
My dog
egyptian flag
A custom replica I had made of the royal Egyptian flag. That is me in the pic by the Gezira Club Lido when I was about 14 or so.
travel gear
My travel gear. I travel light, no suitcases, and have my gear always at the ready
dell xps
My JBL Charger 3 atop my XPS. I use it as an external speaker, connected to the XPS via Bluetooth

This may not look impressive, but it is all that I need in terms of physical living space, together with the ensuite bathroom which also has a shower. 20 years ago, I lived in a million dollar house in Greenwich CT on a manicured acre of land that I planted with native wildflowers and beautiful evergreens that I never got to see mature. I thought I would raise a family there. I thought my wife and I would grow old together in that house, after having lived in cramped Manhattan apartments for 15 years.

gsd puppy
My wife with Attaturk on the kitchen floor of the Greenwich house

Well…that didn’t happen. So it goes. The headwinds of cyclical rootlessness prevailed. I burned in two months then what I live in on now for a year. Living below the poverty line for years has had a way of removing most of my more fanciful delusions, the ones that told me that friends and family truly cared and that in the end, people are basically good and you can find someone other than yourself to trust if you look hard enough. If feeling embittered can be avoided — and this is no easy thing for me — then not caring if you lose your material trifles — or your mind in a ditch — or your erstwhile friends in a lurch — can be enormously liberating: a big fuck you to everything the swells think is important, or that which society dangles as some reward: a prize, recognition, money, power…. and the rest of it.

That is why my “Che” US army shoulder bag — same as the one I took with me to Paris at age 20 — and  Filson duffel always hang on the door, ready to be packed with a passport or two, some money, and  a few simple items of clothing, all at a moment’s notice…falling in place is just as easy as falling out of place — becoming once again the universal Bedouin, the wandering Arab, the bina yallah Man — and either option is equally rewarding, if timed right, for the days of score settling and disappointment and uncertainty and personal humiliation are now finally over. Rira bien qui rira le dernier — mais sans amertume.

Finally, lest you are feeling pity and perhaps even a touch of disdain for this pauvre type loser, a petit con mesquin (which is derived from the Arabic maskeen: i.e., poor), seemingly trapped in perpetuity in some swampy,  impoverished Florida oubliette, may I mention, Alphonso, that I can — and do — console myself in the view, such as the one this morning from the back porch of my crib. Hélas!

A dawn most fowl

leaving america