The Inanity of American Culture


The ludicrous launch on twatter of Ron Fuckface DeSantis’ campaign underlined the inherent vapidity of red state America, its absurd political tropes, its vile racism, its pedestrian use of social media to further inherently repulsive goals.

Ron DeSantis is a garden-variety, sleazoid shithead.

He has no chance of being president of the United States.

Essentially a diminutive proto Mussolini type in a business suit — DeSantis is just a greaser, a political guido who appeals to no one but the sort of clueless rubes who gravitate to Florida.

Everyday day Putin and Xi Jinping clink a toast over Zoom before going to bed.

Things have never looked so rosy, as the essentially criminal enterprise known as the United States (see: colonial land usurpation, past and present slavery, the appetite for endless wars, and so on) disintegrates into a morass of competing levels of political vulgarity.

Meanwhile, the walls are closing in on the biggest fuckface of them all, grifter boy Don, sweating it out in West Palm, an old man with bad hair and orange makeup spewing rage and hatred and poison with every breath he takes.

And being adored for it by millions.

If you do not live in Florida, you probably have no idea how uneducated, racist, and basically stupid most Americans who actually live here are.

So easily bamboozled by the ruthless.

So prone to parroting FOX drivel.

Adrift in the churning ocean of cultural inanity they created.

This is very good news for the Putins and Xis of this world.

As America teeters towards self-imposed fiscal collapse, the cracks in its ludicrous system of government — conceived by a group of white, landed, slave-owning “aristocrats” some 200 years or so ago — may have become to wide a chasm to bridge.

Meawhile, on the so-called left, a doddering geezer with a druggie son and a leach of a brother is running again as the savior of Western democracy.

The spectacle of it all is a tragedy wrapped in a farce.

When America is finally reduced to its true nature: a set of warring megalomaniacal duchies with cretinous ideas about defining what the word civilization means, the truth will reveal itself, plain, and unvarnished: Osamma, unfortunately, has won.