Florida’s Endless Covid Vaccine Clusterf**k

As the spineless, careerist, sedition-cop-murder-supporting Republicans in the Senate continued their conspiracy to subvert Joe Biden’s presidency during the sadly horrifying impeachment trial of a traitorous NY grifter and would-be autocrat, Governor Desantis’  — one of Trump’s many political lapdog toadies — disastrous Online Covid Registration clusterfuck continued today in Florida.  55,000 vaccine appts were made available at 7am in FLA  as a whole by Biden’s CDC thru Publix.  None available an hour-and-half later in South Florida locations.

I live in a Treasure Coast gated community full of aging, hate-filled, right-wing Republican monstrosities who continue to support the seditionist, lifelong scammer from Queens.

They continue not to wear masks at our HOA’s two pools, ditto when playing golf, bocce, and pickle ball tennis. No doubt some are secure in the knowledge that they had concierge access to the vaccine.

Other sagging-flesh, sun-addled dimwits of their ilk probably are of the racist opinion that COVID  is only a “ni**er” disease that affects inferior races.

I did finally get in to make an appointment around 8:40am, but available remaining slots were at counties hundreds of miles away, in the North and West of Florida, by Tampa, Orlando, and Jacksonville — so I bailed out, even though Publix now has my Medicare number and DOB, which I had to provide first, before selecting a county to have my vaccine shots.

Who knows where that info will end up?

This obscene farce is scheduled to be repeated on Friday.  Meanwhile the coming availability of vaccines at Winn-Dixie and Walmart and CVS will be extremely limited, with none in my county, and the Walmart web site has already crashed.  How can you trust the data security of these amateurish deployments?

Biden needs to come in as soon as possible with FEMA and Federal troops backup and conduct mass vaccines in Florida’s many fairgrounds.

It is obvious — despite appearances to the contrary — that most of the Trump worshipping geezer crowd that live in this shithole state are desperate for the COVID vaccine, so DeSantis in the end would probably back down, but not before making all kinds of stupid Trumpie noise.

At any rate, at 9am, I decided to take my sheppie for a walk. As I drove past a house down the street, a middle aged black man was washing two cars in the driveway, cars that belonged to a couple not much older than him.  Across the street, the Betsy Ross flag — a 13-star flag that has been appropriated by various domestic terrorists across the US — was flying parallel to the ground, stuck in the hedge of a septuagenarian asshole who likes to wear a big white cowboy hat.

I kept going, past the Latin Americans who were mowing the St. Augustine grass lawns and clipping the pool’s hedges, past the leathery old hags doing group calisthenics in the pool, and past a whole bunch of whiteys without masks in their ugly carts playing golf — the universal pastime of entitled racists — on links that various inferior races had manicured for them at dawn.

It occurred to me that all these white old men looked exactly like the terrorists you see in the video presented at Trump’s second Senate trial (see above).

All that was missing were the MAGA hats and giant Trump flags.

All was right with whitey’s world.

Trump was going to be given a pass by Senate Republicans.  DeSantis was making sure Dade county was not getting any vaccines.  Negroes were washing white-owned cars, and Mexicans were doing all the white-owned yardwork on a hot, humid Florida day — and everyone knew their rightful place under the antebellum sun.

But all isn’t going quite whitey’s way, it appears.

Consider this morning’s news

Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis has just launched an “investigation [that] includes, but is not limited to, potential violations of Georgia election law prohibiting the solicitation of election fraud, the making of false statements to state and local government bodies, conspiracy, racketeering, violation of oath of office, and any involvement in violence of threats related to the election’s administration.”

The first of many to come, one hopes, against Trump, and his major enablers in the Senate (particularly the treasonous, ill-mannered boor known as Josh Hawley), Trump appointed members of the Judiciary who allowed these insurrectionists to go freely after their arrest, various Republican corrupt state officials who conspired with Trump to spread THE BIG LIE, starting with FLA, violent right wing supremacists, such as those in Michigan (famous for its costumes party militias wandering around the woods, semi automatic machine guns in hand), Washington state, and elsewhere, and the scumbag billionaire donors or tax evading corporations who helped make this nightmare presidency possible.

Trump and his odious racketeering accomplices must be pursued by legal authorities  to the ends of this earth, relentlessly — just like when Israelis hunted Nazi war criminals with no regard for statutes of limitations — until this fascist, Hitlerian movement is permanently eradicated from our land, and all the extreme right wing seditionist perps involved in the violence on Jan 6 are brought to justice.

Florida’s Covid Vaccine Disaster Continues

publix covid appt page

I am (still) waiting… ting to get a COVID vaccine appointment via the Publix website, a grocery store that is prevalent in the shit state known as Florida.

The county I live in started with a lot of appointment slots available at 7am on Friday (2/5).

By 8:30am or so, it was fully booked.

I have spent many horas this week waiting to book a Florida COVID shot appt, wasted hours, all for nothing.  When the Publix site did not work last time (this past Wednesday), I figured maybe one of my installed Chrome extensions was preventing the Book button from appearing.

So I loaded the Publix vaccine page at 00:01 today, using Edge (to which I have not added extensions), figuring that an early same day start would help put me ahead the line.

At 7am, when booking was supposed to start, nothing actually happened in terms of activation by the automatic page refresh.  There was still no login button visible.  I thought maybe it was that Edge was not supported.

So I quickly disabled most of my adblock and iframe block Chrome extensions (except for the BitDefender anti tracker), and logged in using Chrome around 7:01 — coming in late (by 1 minute), using Chrome.  The delay proved to be fatal — in a manner of speaking.

While I was waiting (ting) in line, I tried to log in again with Edge, just to test my clown browser universe theory.  This time it worked; thus my theory that Edge isn’t supported was wrong.  However, I dont know why exactly Publix did not like it when I logged in early. *

Next week, it appears that — despite the “exclusive” contract Florida governor DeSantis gave to Publix re the vaccines — Biden is sending boatloads of shots to Win-Dixie and Walmart pharmacies.

Maybe I will be able to get in that way.

Meanwhile, if you read the Publix web page (see above), there is no clear mention (other than a link to some TOS page) of HIPPA data privacy or security.  This appt process requires one to submit a lot of sensitive information.

How long before whatever server is holding this data is hacked? Or Publix monetizing this treasure trove of data with third parties, such as D&T? I’m just saying, think about it.

Also there is no mention of browser support, or the need to disable extensions. You have to noodge around the Palm Beach Post for this info.

Meanwhile, the hospital system I have belonged to for a decade stopped scheduling vaccines in late December — but not before my wife’s smug little richie rich friend (who in no way deals with the public as she actually does not need to work) got hers, thanks to hubbie who sits on the hospital board due to some mega philanthropic donation he made.

Nice to see how the other side lives, isn’t it?

Imagine if the orange turdball grifter had been re-elected how much worse off we’d all be.


Help is on the way, provided by a Democratic administration — trolled as always by fuckface so-called “Dems” such as the self important asshole known as Joe Manchin — that actually knows what it is doing.

* For those who are interested, here is the Vue JS code that executes the Waiting Room algorithm.  Publix uses something called Boomerang from Akamai — founded by the first person killed during the 9-11 attacks — to set up time-based prioritization. The  scheme they are using appears to be cookie driven, where they assign a global login stack based on timestamps. As to what these scripts are actually doing, in a precise sense, fuck if I know. Use the portal at your own risk, and know that once your personal data is compromised, you are screwed.



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<source srcset=”https://cutpcdnwimages.azureedge.net/-/media/images/retail/migrate/pharmacy/pharmacy-services/covid-19-vaccine/florida-covid-19-vaccine_978x340.jpg&#8221; media=”(max-width: 575px)”>
<img src=”https://cutpcdnwimages.azureedge.net/-/media/images/retail/migrate/pharmacy/pharmacy-services/covid-19-vaccine/florida-covid-19-vaccine_978x340.jpg&#8221; alt=”COVID-19 vaccine at Florida Publix pharmacies”>
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<h2 class=”h3″>Please hold on.</h2>
<p>Many more visitors are attempting to book appointments than we have available. Because of the high demand for the vaccine, we can’t guarantee an appointment. But if room becomes available, a button labeled Book An Appointment will appear. This will take you to the reservation system.</p>
<p><strong>This page will automatically refresh in <span id=”refresh-timer” style=”color: red;”>60</span> <span style=”color: red;”> seconds</span>. Do not refresh the page yourself.</strong></p>
<p>If you are unable to book an appointment today, check back Wednesday, February 10 at 7:00 a.m. EST (6:00 a.m. CST) for your next opportunity.</p>
<p>Vaccination appointments are scheduled online only. Appointments cannot be made by calling Publix or the Publix Pharmacy.</p>
<div class=”content-default-styles”>
<h2 class=”h3″>Eligibility.</h2>
<p>The state of Florida requires that those receiving their first vaccine dose provide <a href=”#fl-residency”>proof of residency</a> meeting certain criteria.</p>
<p>The following Florida residents are eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine, by appointment only:</p>
<li>healthcare personnel with direct patient contact</li>
<li>residents and staff of longterm healthcare facilities, and</li>
<li>adults aged 65 years and older.</li>
<p><small>Restrictions apply.</small></p>
<div class=”content-default-styles”>
<h2 class=”h3″>County availability.</h2>
<p>A limited number of COVID-19 vaccines are available at select Publix pharmacies in the following Florida counties, while supplies last.</p>
<th width=”30%”>County</th>
<th width=”70%”>Appointment Status</th>
<tbody id=”counties”>
<p><small>Restrictions apply.</small></p>

<div class=”content-default-styles”>
<a id=”fl-residency”>
<h2 class=”h3″>Florida residency requirements.</h2>
<p>The state of Florida requires that those receiving their first vaccine dose provide proof of residency meeting criteria 1, 2, or 3 below.&nbsp;</p>
Valid Florida driver license issued by Florida State Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV).<br />
Valid Florida identification card issued by Florida State Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV).<br />
<li>If a customer cannot present #1 or #2, the customer can prove satisfactory Florida residency by presenting a copy of&nbsp;<strong><em>any two</em></strong>&nbsp;of the following items if they reflect a Florida&nbsp;<strong><em>residential</em></strong>&nbsp;address (Note: A P.O. box or commercial/business address is&nbsp;<strong><em>not</em></strong>&nbsp;sufficient and the second item must be from a different category than the first item):</li>
<li><strong>Category A</strong>: a deed, mortgage, monthly mortgage statement, mortgage payment booklet, OR residential rental or lease agreement</li>
<li><strong>Category B</strong>: a utility hookup or utility work order dated within 60 days before the date of vaccination</li>
<li><strong>Category C</strong>: a utility bill dated within two months of the date of vaccination</li>
<li><strong>Category D</strong>: mail from a financial institution, including checking, savings, or investment account statements, dated within two months of the date of vaccination</li>
<li><strong>Category E</strong>: mail from a federal, state, county, or municipal government agency, dated within two months of the date of vaccination</li>
<li><strong>Category F</strong>: proof of a Florida residential address for the individual&rsquo;s parent, stepparent, legal guardian, or other person with whom the seasonal resident resides in Florida, PLUS a written statement from the person with whom the seasonal resident resides stating that the seasonal resident does reside with him or her.</li>

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<a href=”https://www.publix.com/pharmacy/healthcare-nondiscrimination”>Healthcare Nondiscrimination</a>
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Florida in the 2nd year of the Pandemic

Florida’s current whitey governor

It isn’t news that Florida is (and has always been) a shithole state — a veritable paradise for the corrupt venal underbelly of red America, the state that gave us W and “we don’t serve dogs or niggers” bar signs.

It has ever been so, here, the preferred home of White House grifters; FBI agent murderers; Medicare defrauding governors; all manner of corrupt local pols; Big Sugar interests; once lynch-happy banjo and fiddle rural dwellers; Obamacare rehab swindlers; large swathes of violent, gun-carrying white supremacists; glossolalia-practicing Pentecostalists; progressive Jewish retirees from lawnguyland who are of course liberal in everything except when it comes to Israel (in that regard, this may be of peripheral interest); fascist single issue, fried plantain Cubans; baldheaded, fat, beer-bellied biker Outlaws; and, most of all, part time, smugly racist snow bird geezers who ensconce themselves in their faux Mediterranean gated fortresses, where no black people dare roam, as despised “illegals” or “wetbacks” maintain the lawns, fix the rooftops, and trim the monotonic hedges.

It is a place where cultural sophistication is non existent.  A place where seniors begin to develop strange ideas about life, as they increasingly dwell on a falsely remembered America that has never existed except on television in the 50s and 60s and the suburbs of institutionalized racism, such as Bronxville, NY, in the Westchester County of their youth.

A place where Trumpie golf cart parades or flotillas up the intercoastal are the norm, and F250s flying the Trump/Pence flag drove menacingly up and down US1 between Palm Beach and Martin Counties… weeks after the election was over.

A place where the despicable Southern Cross — the reviled symbol of Confederate, slave-owning America — is widely displayed on fireant-infested  lawns, hay tractors, and front-bumper tags.

It is a place where field “negroes” still know their place, and always say “Sir” when addressing their white overlords, at the risk of being shot in the back by the racist green shirted police that keep everything under thuggish control for those who wield the reigns of power and white privilege.

It is a place where transplanted seniors — their shrinking brains no doubt addled by the endless stifling heat and humidity — vote for Covid-denying pols, even as they attempt every week to sign up by the hundreds of thousands for the few precious vaccination appointments doled out like altar bread by Publix — a supermarket chain that blankets this fetid state — except where black people reside.  A place where the heiress to Publix put up hundreds of thousands to finance the murderous Jan 6 traitorous insurrection, yet has still not even been questioned.  A place where it is okay for Publix to contribute to a Trump-loving governor’s campaign, in return for securing the state’s exclusive Covid vaccine dispensation contract.

Florida is a place where a state medical worker who divulged the truth about the extent of the Covid pandemic in Florida was arrested under retaliatory cybercrime pretexts.

Meanwhile, the money keeps pouring in.

Flagler never had it so good.

Everywhere you look, Covid tourism is rampant, as the moneyed fly down to hook up with Covid-connected doctors and hospital boards and Treasure Coast hospital “concierge service” plans, as the rest of us are told to wait months until Biden’s Covid plan comes through.

CEOs cashing it in and adding multi million winter hideaways to their LLC portfolios abound, as evictions soar across the state.

If it — Biden’s Covid cavalry — ever makes it to Florida… considering this latest dirtbag Sunshine State move.

America as a country is in serious trouble — perhaps the most it has ever been in during its short history.

It risks being torn apart by the very structure and design of its implementation of democracy — a fragile balance of power sharing that has been twisted beyond recognition by a rabid conservative minority who are willing to go to any lengths to protect what they perceive to be in their interests.

Many solutions have been floated over the years.  Here is one recent, and particularly thoughtful analysis.

Will any of the ideas mentioned in this Foreign Policy think piece ever come to pass?

Not in Florida — until perhaps enough mask-flaunting, deeply racist, intellectually dishonest cultists end up succumbing to the ravages of Covid, and their fear of replacement become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Perhaps only then will America’s widespread bedrock of evangelical, bigoted, Islamophobic, triumphalist lies crumble, as the 1 per centers flee for sundry barricaded hills from the coming pitchforks seeking revenge for what was wrought in the name of making America great again.

Lastly, if you still have any doubts that FLA is a monumentally corrupt, racist state governed by a proto-fascist slimeball, check out this article.

Any questions?