Things Are Looking Up

My beautiful Geneva, earlier today, at her dog run in Florida

It’s not at all that hard to see how American democracy could effectively collapse by 2025.

Paul Krugman, NYT 7/22/22

Exactly ten days separate me from Westchester, NY, where a major heatwave is currently baking the streets.

Now during the last two months, I have lost fifteen pounds, and intend to shed fifty more to get as ripped as a geezer can get.

Sorta like this.

Meanwhile, the NY Jets report to training camp on Tuesday.

So things are definitely looking up.

Plus which, I’m not coming back to “come on vacation, leave on probation” FL till mid-November.

Yet I confess to a little nervous overplanning  lately.

Where should I live if America descends into civil war?

Is now the right time to wade back into the stock market?

Should I give my dog extra treats at night?

These are the concerns of a man who is not, and in fact is quite far from being an A-lister like Leonardo DiCaprio, partying the summer away in St Tropez.

So why am I not hanging out in the South of France with him and Drake and the bimbettes?

After all, I was there first, long before he was in Titanic.

And I studied Rimbaud long before he made Total Eclipse.

I was even handsome, too, once.

So what happened?

I turned out to be ordinary, is what happened.

Nothing special.

Just another guy.

Who made it to 70.

What is Leonardo, who is now only 47, going to do in 20 years, when the cameras are no longer pointed his way?

What’s he going to do when he’s my age?

Will he start crying in front of the Mexicans?

To be on the nose about it, I don’t really know; nor do I care; since by then, I’ll be dead.

So Mr. Krugman, honestly, I’m largely indifferent — should American democracy collapse by 2025.

All that matters to me is that I don’t.