I now have a COVID card


fc flags
FC flags at a well known sports bar in El Gouna

Dog’s been pretty rambunctious of late, so I walked her by the boat slips early in the morn’, then off I went with her, my wife, in the beater up to get me a Moderna shot.

I was early, by an hour, but there were few people there — so they let me get the shot sooner than my allotted time.

Didn’t feel the shot go in, nor anything afterwards. (UPDATE:  I did get a sore arm the next day.) All paid for by Medicare.  Next shot in a month.

So by the end of April, I should be in good shape to travel up to NYC and see my Mom, who may be having a serious procedure done on her heart around then.

Finally, I want to mention some flack I got from Egypt as feedback over my previous post.

Here is the deal.

This blog is not my “legacy” to the world.  Please.  It’s is just a free association journal, of my various travels and travails.

Yes I do feel free to criticize any place or country that I think is full of phonies.  It is called free speech, unknown in places like Egypt.

And no, I do not care what nouveau riche baladi Egyptians might think — or not — about my writing, when I opine about Egypt.

Egyptians don’t read much anyway (if they do: the country’s literacy rate is fairly dismal) — let alone read novels — let alone read the kind of novels I read.  And as was so aptly pointed out, they could care less if they got the gist of what I write about or not, or even what the word prosody means.

I do love Egypt, still.

But the Egypt I love no longer exists.

The Egypt I love still reads Serie Noire detective stories while drinking a Stella at the Lido in the GSC.

And it doesn’t matter one bit whether it does anymore nor not.

What matters, is that it still does, albeit only in my head, that and the looming materialization of my official COVID passe-partout.

In 30 days, give or take, I shall be free to nomadically roam again — should I choose to — as in…

Now if only Europe would get its Covid act together!


leaving america

Falso Gouna Strikes Again

If you want to know why I could not stand El Gouna and its ridiculous film festival, when I lived there for 7 months, it was the Sadat-spawn “upper classes” with their “pseudo American accents” ” and “married to old rich guy vibe” and their “pretend I know US and European cultural trends” endless bullshit — here is more of Indjy’s (one of the presenters in the previous vid) interstitially-bilingual word salad….(to quote: “I cant believe I made it, anna, begad, fil Gouna… .”)

and if you understand Arabic, there is nothing more pathetic to a true Egyptian than listening to her mouth emote Arabish garbola, accentuated by those monumental eyebrows

FALSO, ya bit

free yourself!

Why are these people so ashamed of being who they are?

Why must they pretend, always, to be someone else?  Pretend to be someone who actually knows, say, America, when they actually have no idea what the US is about, both the good and bad of it?

And all they do, to try to impress themselves, their friends, their parents, and the ones who pay them money, is how phony-baloney  American they can sound when they attempt to speak English, which is little more than some bastard linguistic mix, same as when their grandparents, camel drivers by the Pyramids no doubt, carried on by aping the sounds of 7 different languages when they saw a tourist, any tourist, they weren’t picky, but understanding not a word in any real sense other than mongrel speak– just words in the wind of endless, centuries-old Egyptian dragoman servility.

That certainly is one view.

There are others! Many! Sunny and positive, not bitter and cynical! Check this out!

gof shirt
My golf shirt drying off in the sun at a rented villa in Gouna 3 or so years ago

But who — I ask, for this is the burning question of the moment — is going to protect its fly-and-mosquito desert golf course, its schlock restaurants that serve barely edible similar looking and tasting food (most of it some limp version of spaghetti bolognese, no matter the venue), its bars that serve undrinkable, pseudo alcoholic cocktails… when there’s no more Nile water and political Islam in Egypt makes its anticipated comeback in a nation dying of thirst, as the rich continue to mindlessly frolic in pretend America?

Stay tuned for the adventures of Sisi in Ethiopia!

leaving america



Mustafa Kassem RIP

mustafa kassem
RIP ya batl

Another victim of the murderous Egyptian dictator, abdel-Fattah El Sisi. I hope Egypt is punished by the US to the fullest extent possible for all the Human Rights abuses perpetrated in the country since El Sisi’s Gulf-financed coup.  I am never returning to Cairo, where I grew up, until Masr has a freely and democratically-elected President who represents all the people of Egypt. This probably means I shall never set foot in Egypt again. Kassem was, just like me, an Egyptian emigrant who landed in NY, and became a naturalized US citizen.  You might want to read this piece, which appeared in the NY Times in 2018. It was written by his brother. He describes the tragic circumstances of Mustafa’s arrest in 2013, when he was in Egypt roughtly around the same time I was.  In Egypt, many refer to El Sisi as ouzz’a, which is Cairene slang for dwarf. Rarely in modern Egyptian history has a leader of this storied country appeared so small and morally diminished. My sole comfort is that few are likely to weep when Sisi meets his inevitable fate.

leaving america