Che is Ready to Leave Again

packed bags

My er luggages — including my trusty Che army bag — are all packed, a full day before we leave tomorrow.

30 hour flight from PBI to Faro.

On Wednesday we’re having lunch with a group expat Americans at a restaurant in Tavira.  This is thanks to the magic of FB’s Americans Living in the Algarve group, which my wife joined prior to this trip.

I’m looking forward to meeting them, as these are the sort of Americans — sniff — I enjoy hanging out with. After one day in Tavira, we will have more friends in Portugal than we made living for 16 years in Florida.

Earlier today I was bringing in the chairs and tables and flower pots in from the porch and storing them in the garage, in case a hurricane hits while we’re in Portugal.

It was hard work on a hot humid day and I was glad when my wife called me back into the air-conditioned house to show me something interesting she found on the miracle that is the Internet.

Here’s the link.

Arraiolos rugs… not only are they beautiful, but their back story is quite fascinating too.

I truly love how multi faceted the Moorish influence is in Portugal.

We just might have to live there permanently!


leaving america