Bronxville Farmer’s Market – Pt. 2

Walked back down Heart Attack hill at 9:30 to get the Mousaka and Stuffed Grape Leaves.

Lo and behold, the Greek tent was there!

Vegetarian warak ainab
Beef mousaka and home-made full-sour pickles

Didn’t feel like watching an Arab athlete lose her Wimbledon final to some Ruskie carpetbagger, so I went to a supermarket in Eastchester to get gazpacho soup, and a few other items.

Now I can chill out for the rest of the day without agonizing over how lazy the last 2 days have been.

Sour diesel bongs will do that to you.

I don’t care if I don’t get much else done of a tangible nature.

Instead, the balance of today is going to mostly be about ecclectic reading, smoking dope, and taking remedial naps.

So long as I started it  — as is my custom when in my NY house — by listening to the beautiful Muslim call to prayer at sunrise, no worries, habibi!