The Shape of Things to Come

outdoor sculpture
My wife took this pic of a sculpture outside someone’s home not far from the area where we live

Weather continues to be lovely here in Florida.

I am increasingly focused on my programming.

Currently I am working on an animated SVG logo.  If you don’t know what I mean, click on the TECH menu option above this post.

Bad news from NY:  my mother is not doing that well — very sad, but unfortunately part of life — of becoming very old.

It is difficult to deal with from a distance, but I am calling her every day in the hospital, and hope to see her in a few weeks — after I get my second COVID shot.

I’m getting the feeling that this year that things may suddenly and without notice be quite different going forward.

Meanwhile, I continue to get physically healthier — as I go on increasingly vigorous walks with the dog.

Yet I remain suspended in time, waiting, trying to remain calm over worries re my mother’s severely declining health, while sensing a change afoot.

The FLA era may be coming to some inevitable conclusion.


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