Chicken of the Sea

gouna egypt
Erin goes native, due to the mini sandstorm today

Last night, Erin and I went to Fish Market for dinner, in downtown El Gouna, Egypt.

We had fish soup, six grilled “medium”-sized shrimp (they were quite large), a bottle of water, and a grilled grouper  (which tasted like flaky chicken) that we selected from the catch of the day on ice in the back of the restaurant.

The meal was reasonably good, and we were given free mez mez, including a delicious tahina plate.

gouna egypt

I recommend this restaurant, but only if you are feeling flush, as the tab was 678 LE, which is about 38 Dollars. This is quite pricey for Egypt, but normal for eating fresh fish in Gouna:  you have to go to Starfish in Hurghada for better pricing, but then again, that implies car fare, both ways, so it would come out to the same in the end, plus the hassle of going there.

gouna egypt
we sat on the other side of the whiteboard

At any rate the service at Fish Market was impeccable, except that protocol does call for finger bowls to make their appearance at the end of a meal, not before.

The only downside was the presence of semi-inebriated Germans at the table behind us, who got progressively louder as the evening wore on, and of course the hungry cats episode.

This is what happened.

Mid meal, a clowder of cats baring their yellowish fangs suddenly showed up on the other side of the clear plastic partition that separated us from the outside seating area.

I would have preferred some romantic music — perhaps the less ponderous Georges Moustaki catalog —  rather than the yowling of feral cats to accompany our intimate dining experience (we were sitting in a darkened corner by the entrance), but a busboy soon chased them away, and the Wild Kingdom moment did not last long.

We took the bus back to West Golf, and the same English couple who had taken the bus with us downtown earlier in the evening showed up as if they were stalking us.

This couple had also waited for the bus, a couple of houses down from the house where we live.

We first encountered these pudgy, white-haired stalkers when they stepped out to go downtown last night at exactly the same time we did. but on that night, they ended up taking a van when the wait for the erratic night bus became too long.

This afternoon, we returned from having a late breakfast/early lunch at Zomba’s around 1PM and sat in the West Golf Line bus prior to its departure, as it was rather windy and chilly out.

The ruddy-cheeked English couple again showed up, and got on the bus, sitting directly behind us. I gave one look at my wife and we immediately got off the bus and walked home.

The sand and dust in the swirling wind made the mountains disappear on the walk back

These stalking Brits were getting a little to creepy for comfort, and plus which, I am deeply antisocial.

Gouna Eguypt
A smile wouldn’t have hurt

Yet today was the first day when the results from all the walking and eating normal portions of healthy foods became apparent.

When I arrived in Gouna in mid September, I was a size 42″ waist.  I was, in effect, obese.

Today I was able to fit into my fab madras cargo pants, something I have not been able to do since buying them.

They are a size 38″.

So it is possible to lose weight, by walking and eating responsibly, even at my advanced age.

I have another pair, size 36″ hanging in the closet.  Allah willing, I shall fit into those come mid April.

This evening, despite the wind, we are dining at Athena, which as you might guess is a Greek restaurant. I look forward to having a fantastic meal consisting of moussaka and mushroom soup.

Stayed tuned for the foodie mini review from that particular Gouna eaterie tomorrow!

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