Three to Go

porch screen

Today’s  already Tuesday.  Only 5 days left before Geneva, our German Shep puppy, arrives at our home.

There’s still much work to do.

Having finally mastered the art of repairing screens, prepping and painting aluminum siding that holds the screens in place, and treating the grilles that will keep Genevan from busting through the screens, I’m now ready to install the next 6 screens in the panels you see in the pic above — providing the rains don’t return.

Unfortunately, the grilles have yet to arrive at Loewe’s — even though I ordered them last Wednesday.  Is it any wonder that Amazon eats the lunch of these big box stores, that don’t even have real checkout cashiers anymore?

So today is going to be busy.

Here is what I have to do:

  1. Drive my wife to work  done
  2. Get a haircut  done
  3. Have the bank cut a certified check for Geneva’s breeder done
  4. Buy a large box of baking soda (to remove the last vestiges of mold from the porch floor)  done
  5. Check if the grilles have arrived at Lowe’s  12 should be here tomorrow
  6. Buy a chaise long at Lowe’s  done
  7. Prep the 3 panels (scrape, sand, primer then paint)
  8. Get some cold cuts and other household items done
  9.  Continue to follow up on the sliding glass door contract  done
  10. Pick up my wife around 4pm  done
  11. Buy a new pair of cargo pants  done
  12. Oil change  done

If the grilles are not at Lowe’s, then I will have to cross my fingers and hope that they arrive tomorrow, and that no-one swipes them before me.

Tomorrow is the last day for outside porch work.

Starting Thursday, I will focus on getting the living and my “studio” (where I do my computer work, and have all my books) Geneva-proof. I am giving a two-day allowance for that, as there’s a chance that we will be picking up Geneva on Sat, instead of Sunday, and there’s tons of things to do inside the house too.

That’s it for now.  Gotta go!

gsd icon

DIY hell

Old school medicine often works best

Yesterday was so cold in South Florida, frozen iguanas were falling off the trees and geezers wore ridiculous parkas while walking their yappy micro dogs.

In the US Senate, Republican know-nothing grifters continued to piss on the constitution for sport and profit.

And on the Democratic campaign trail, the three leading contendors for President, these being millionaires whose collective ages total 225 years, continued to act unnaturally hyper in the hopes of convincing a disappointed electorate that they still got dat vim.

But that wasn’t the worst of it.

blistered hand
Thanks, Clorox

This was: third degree burns from bleach/water leaking down on my wrist as I removed mold from nosebleed screen porch beams that I had to extend my right arm straight up to reach while standing on a scaffold.

Second was this.

paint peeling
What a nightmare

All the paint I applied two days ago peeled off after I hosed down the grilles a day later.  Apparently this is a common problem if you apply latex paint on a prior, oil-based coat. I had no idea.

Do not use this, if you have an oil- based previous coat on your installation

Now I have to channel my inner Dutch Boy and figure out a way to get around the grilles and fix this crap.

There are actually a ton of specific details to consider when painting aluminium.

After reading a bunch of conflicting info on Google, I went to Ace hardware and asked for an expert opinion.

They said to scrape off the flaking latex, clean the beam of any residual dust or oil paint with denaturalized alcohol, sand everything down, apply a special primer (which they had), then repaint with the latex paint that I already bought.

paint job
The ACE solution

That should do it, according to them.  I will try this and let you know how it works out.

It’s a bitch to get right, if you’ve never done it before.

Adhesion, flaking, rusting, coverage… you have to consider all sorts of things you probably never once thought about previously. The old saw that a successful paint job is 90 per cent prep is obviously on the money.

It’s going rain sporadically today and for 4 more days in the coming week — during what is normally the heart of dry season, thus ruining my plans to get the porch ready for Geneva by next Sunday.

rainy day

Home ownership can be a pain, especially when you live in a part of the world that is almost always hot and humid, with water water water getting into or affecting everything, and mold growing like some evil alien in some dystopian scifi flick, and you don’t have a magical wallet that allows you to hire experienced serfs to do the grunt work for you.

Last night I had acid reflux from stressing out, and as you can probably tell, I am in a really bad mood.

I like reading books and programming computers, not playing the role of the seond coming of Bob Vila.

This really sucks.

The good news I was able to get find a portable wire fence at Lowe’s for only 15 bucks.

This will likely discourage the small gator that prowls the lake in front of our house from venturing into our yard at night when we take Geneva for quick peepee walks.