Hitting an empty beach at dawn

https://vimeo.com/381651858 I was going to write a sensitive post about how I miss Kobe, and get mushy about how I used to bring my GSD Saba to this beach until some bulldyke Animal Control bitch ruined it for us. I had to go to court to defend my dog, which cost me $500 and resulted … Continue reading Hitting an empty beach at dawn

Kobe Hits the Beach

I decided on a drizzly Xmas morning to take Kobe, our guest Shiba Inu, to a beach that's known primarily to locals. This was early in the morning, before any else showed up with their off-the-leash Dobbermans! Here's a selection of  vids that I took of the yuletide occasion. https://vimeo.com/381429354   https://vimeo.com/381430298 https://vimeo.com/381430802 https://vimeo.com/381431303 https://vimeo.com/381431952Continue reading Kobe Hits the Beach