Sandpiper Sighting!


Went to beach today for the 5th day in a row.  Despite it being Juneteenth (a new Federal holiday in America), it was pretty empty.  Including being still largely empty of shorebirds.

Walking along, the waves gently lapping at my bare feet, I suddenly came upon sandpipers. I’d been looking for any sign of them all week.

sandpipersOnly two of them, but better than nothing.

Used to be tons of them around, back in the day — not just sandpipers, but all manner and variety of shorebirds.


For example, five years ago, I took a pic of these Ring-billed Gulls in almost exactly the same spot.

Unfortunately, some PPC saphead decided to do a low fly-over over what is a nature preserve designated specifically as a wild bird refuge.

What a tool

As a consolation, other more pleasant views soon appeared.  (Sorry for the sexist objectification!)

bikini woman on beach

All in all, it turned out to be a rather enjoyable two-hour walk, despite some other minor irritations that are best left unmentioned.

Unfortunately I didn’t come across anything nothing as interesting as this wreckwhich I came across before leaving for Nice in 2017.

More power walk days in the sun to come.

Then it’s back up to NY in early July.

Yip yip…. hooray!

leaving america