Sicily… or, Portugal’s Silver Coast?

florida pine forest
A window view of the sun setting behind my house today

With 612 days to go before America’s next Presidential election, are you ready for an even worse nightmare than if Trump wins?

Am I?

I need to decide.

Do I go this September on a lah-de-dah cous cous vacation in stony-beached Sicily?

Or do I instead travel to Portugal’s unswimmable Silver Coast to scope out a possible safe haven in 2024?

Nah, no matter what happens, I’m probably staying put.

gitmo bookYou know Biden’s gonna go for it:  just like Justice Ginsburg and the rest of the Dem’s leadership gerontocracy, he isn’t going to graciously step aside and let younger blood take over.

But if Satan triumphs against him (assuming the orange one flames out), well, I’ve already survived hell for 22 years.

Another 4 or even 8 won’t make much of a difference.

Florida’s good that way.

After all, what’s the worse the dude can do to a nice Arab guy like me?

smiley with glasses