Gator golf

florida gator
pic taken on 3/31 around 6PM from my back yard

Typical Fla snowbird playing golf across the water from my house.

This photo was taken witn an iPhone 12 Pro Max. I’m surprised the quality of the “telephoto” effect is so poor, for a phone / camera that cost me around $1,200 to buy, all-cash price a few weeks ago — not including tax.

Now I am fairly sure this nice old Trumpster thinks this alligator will never go after him, and the chance are the gator won’t.

But I have also seen golfers go right up to the edge of the water to play a golf ball that rolled off the green.  Plenty of gators have lurked in the water around here, barely visible just under the surface.

I have seen large sand cranes suddenly disappear in a flurry pf feathers.  A gator also ate a dog that some hapless ol’ fella was walking around the same area.

A gator can run a short distance at 30 mph, but that is unusual.

Yet this dude is playing golf with his back to a nearby archosaur who could easily take his hand if not his arm off.  Any bigger, and he could drag him into this “lake” (in reality a big ditch) and drown him in a gator death roll.

Do you see why we call them Floridiots?

It’s not just the no masks issue.

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